Petra is the first choice of National Geographics 2021 Archeology Volume.

The extraordinary archaeological site of Jordan is also first as a Unesco site.

National Geographics first book devoted to the most famous archaeological sites in the world was dedicated to Petra. A recognition that comes after the ancient capital of the Nabataeans, which was ranked first by Lonely Planet as the most beautiful place in the world out of a selection of 500 other destinations.

The National Geographic volume dedicated to Petra consists of 95 pages and is a real journey through the history of this magical and extraordinary place. With splendid images and 3D reproductions of the main monuments, such as the Treasury, the Monastery, the Colonnaded Road , Qasr al-Bint Farum, and the royal tombs.

To win the first volume of this important historical-archaeological series, Petra prevailed over the fierce competition of other very important Unesco sites: Greece, Luxor and Karnak, Macchu Picchu, Rome, Palmira, Angor Vat, the Pyramids, the Xi’an army in China, Uxmal, Pompei, Persepolis, Abu Simbel and the sites of central and south America such as Macchu Picchu, Chichen Itzà and Teorihucan.

The new volume on Petra is running out faster, and is proof that Petra and Jordan are always at the center of desires of Italians, who are waiting for the borders to reopen to return to visit the Hashemite Kingdom.



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